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Have you ever mowed a lawn, landscaped a golf course, or harvested a field of grain? Each of these tasks obviously requires different, specialized tools. For example, a lawnmower that works on a small domestic yard will be ineffective on a farm. Of course, for a golf course you might even need more than one machine. And this is what I do: not mowing grass, but analyzing what people need to “mow” or “cultivate” and what machine is best for the job. I don’t stop there, either. I also deliver the equipment and train the employees who will be using it to reap the harvest.

Every salesperson works in a target market composed of individuals. I want to stress the idea of individuals here, as I frequently hear people use the phrase “target market” to refer to a hypothetical economic entity independent of it’s people. This is a grave error, but we’re here to talk about my work, not my pet peeves. I analyze markets and determine what products should be sold to which people. This is where I determine what needs to be “cultivated”: a lawn, a golf course, or a farm. I then develop an appropriate sales story that introduces the product or service in question. The story is crafted to enter the customer’s subconscious and live there for a long time. These are the stories that sell!

The next step is training the salespeople to convey this story perfectly, convincingly, and comfortably. They then start to gain new clients and book orders like never before, and their customers come away from the transaction more excited and satisfied, which means they are more likely to talk about it and encouraged their friends, neighbors, and/or colleagues to make the purchase, too.

Am I a sales trainer? A professor? A rhetorician? No! I’m a storyteller. Sales trainers teach selling techniques, rhetoricians know how to persuade with words, and sales consultants are mainly concerned with the structure of the sale and the best methods for controlling distribution. These aren’t optimal sales approaches. Think of it this way: Suppose that you taught your employees how to build a simple lawnmower with a screwdriver, a hammer, and a welding torch. It might take you a while, but eventually you’d have a working lawnmower and your employees would probably be able to build one without your help. Great. Now ask them to build a combine harvester. Can they do it? No! The sad reality is that knowing one skill doesn’t mean that you will automatically understand a related one.

The stories that I provide are carefully developed, precisely designed, and can be used with great success by any trained salesperson. With them, you and your employees can bring in a bountiful harvest year after year. That is my goal: to give you the perfect strategy to ensure your harvest is plentiful.

I am also happy to help you create the perfect sales story to meet your sales goals. Simply write me an email: jg@storysculptor.net

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